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                                                             Artist Statement

Some years ago I discovered the unseen beauty of flowers and plants growing and decaying in large
galvanized tanks hidden away in a back area of the Chicago Botanical Gardens in Glencoe, Illinois.  This
became a secret place for me to explore as a source of imagery, all that life and death “dancing around” in
those contained ponds.  Each time I would visit I would find my joy in those calm and enclosed environments.  
They were a feast of color and light, of shape and forms and shadow, slippery pieces of plant and subtle
shadings of flower…and beautiful insects as well.
With each moment of time I was there, I was able to get lost in this wonderful world of the natural.  The beauty
was overwhelming and I was fortunate to re-emerge with images of the experience that have allowed me to
share the encounter.  For many years I have charted that reality with film, slides, black and white negatives
and of course stories.
Awhile ago I moved away from this source and stopped making images of that nature.  After a number of years
in Santa Fe, New Mexico the idea of working with  digital imagery became a clear possibility for me to explore.  
With a “digital darkroom” I am once again, in a new and unique way, able to get lost in the very images I had
made in the past.  I now have the ability to remove backgrounds and present the subject on black…as a
jeweler displays a gem.
With the transposing of original color slide photographs into digital ones, I feel I have been able to breathe new
life into those recorded moments from the past and bring them along with me into the present in a new and
evolved spirit.