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                                                                 Artists Statement

I remember when I first became aware of the possibilities of what a photographic image of paper would present.  I
had been working and exploring flat two dimensional surfaces, such as light falling on empty walls or light
revealing the textures in wood and in cloth.  Somehow I came to the realization that the surface of special papers
held a universe of visual experiences that seemed to bring me to the place within myself that explored emotional
and spiritual realities…realms I was struggling to understand.  

I began to closely examine various papers and their origins and found the most interesting and the most subtle
surfaces in the handmade papers from Japan.  After selecting a variety of these papers, I chose one, tacked it to
the side of my garage and allowed myself the time to just be with the light and the surface.  After a time in this
meditation, I began to use the “eye” of my camera to record any moment in this state of mindfulness.  Being blind
to the exact moment of exposure, the shutter blocking my view, I looked forward to what had happened and what
was visible in the negative.  At first I did very little interfering with what the paper presented by itself.  In time I was
led to tear, wet, splatter with oil, and set fire to a number of different papers to see what kind of transformation
would appear.  For me, what has occurred and been recorded is the simple sharing of light illuminating a surface
of wonderful beauty, that if allowed to exist without question has the power to transport me to world of peaceful
mindlessness.  This I wish for you.