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                                                        Artist Statement

This small body of work, the grains of sand found on the beach at Little Talbot Island in Northeast
Florida, keeps me mindful of Nature’s reality.  Here, worked upon by the wind, rain, sea and tides,
the grains of sand ebb and flow in an exact manner to create such overwhelming beauty.
In our civilized world of intentional brutality, one can easily lose what is most important about being
alive.  The necessary awareness of beauty and pleasure that should surround our days is
there…constantly to be experience
d.  The moments of being a small part of this beauty, working with
the possibilities it offers, is what I love doing.  To have the good fortune to share what I have
discovered completes the cycle.
Hopefully, you might be touched to discover your own location in the natural order of things.  These
images of sand are my evidence of the possibility of two becoming one. I believe you begin by
seeing with your heart.
I have always been located more in the natural world than in civilization.