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                                                     Artists Statement

   I found the shells along the beach where I live now, on an island off the North
Florida coast.  These shells are among, what I imagine to be,  millions washed
ashore and left on the sand, overlooked, or cast away because their appearance is
not what is desired.  I believe there is much beauty in all of what Nature presents for
us to consider in this life.  For me, beauty is a constant in the reality we enter each
   A particular shell that " calls", as I walk the line between ocean and shore, is
usually one that has been pecked at or fragmented by the power of the sea.  Some
are sandblasted into odd shapes and colors by the energy of water and wind.  
These are the skeletons I find in this endless graveyard that runs the length of the
   If one carefully considers their history, to see the story painted and etched on
their " bones ", they would not be cast away as imperfect.  One would not make the
choice out of unawareness.  The matter of beauty is not about the individual, but
about what astonishing treasures life offers and how we can be reminded of the
good that is ours.  Of course, one's attention must be in the direction of the " call ".
    I hope, with this presentation of images that were left for me, to make a small
gesture that might attract your attention.  To remind you of how effortlessly beauty
shows itself to everyone.  After all, these are the shells left behind by a once living
organism and it is such a wonderful joy that even after the visibility of the host is
gone, we can celebrate its life with the beautiful object it has left behind for us to
find.  We should all be so lucky.