Taos Pueblo
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Taos Pueblo
Artist  Statement
My visual contemplation of the Taos Pueblo is a meditation on sunlight covering and
revealing shapes of mud and straw. Where I can finally still myself for a time, a feeling
begins to throw its own light within me and allow me to let go further into the mud and straw
shaped in front of me. I can then begin to "see" that they are presentations of human spirit;
energy alive from the very beginning that is still swirling and breathing in this dwelling

To be with the Pueblo in this kind of moment, to comprehend the energy and spirit of so
many souls is a gift the Pueblo offers. Another gentle revealment of our nature.

Of course, it is the camera that interferes with this entrancement and yet, at the same time
allows me to be without thinking. I hope to hold the moment so clearly that perhaps I can be
fortunate enough to share this gift of insight with others. If you can hold yourself quiet for a
moment, you might "see" this reality, invisible to the eye but known to the heart.