The thoughtless belief in the photographic image as a documentation of reality and,
therefore, as reliable information on which to know the world, is begun early in life through
the learning of language.  Letters are adjusted to create world-symbols for objects or ideas
and are frequently juxtaposed with an image drawn, painted, etched or photographed.   
Image , other than photographed, is learned as the internal vision of its creator; whereas, the
photographed image is received as belonging to all, or rather as a more easily understood or
familiar kind of communication...simply because of the assurance that a photograph is a
record of reality the camera has the unique ability to reproduce.
 Combining letters with photographic imagery of a documentary attitude is to re-examine
an educational process of which most of us have experienced.  Consequently, in this alphabet
book letters follow in sequence, but are juxtaposed with imagery seemingly not directly
related with either the sound of the letter or its use at the beginning of a word.  The
experience involving the consideration of a letter with unexpected photographic imagery is, or
will be, unique to the reader.
 The images that appear on each page were not specifically selected but rather were chosen,
completely with indifference to which letter of the alphabet I was working with.
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