A Visual Study of an Un-Natural History
 I have always had a bewildered and curious fascination with the stuffed wildlife I would
discover encased behind glass in the various natural museums I would explore as a child.  
This particular experience, the deliberate presentation of a beast of the wild in an almost
fairy tale setting, continues to this day.  The discovery that the photographic image of this
encounter provides an even greater degree of enhancement has encouraged me to explore
further.  The quiet contemplation of the photograph, the seeing of the hide, hair, and feathers
of various animals depicted, reveals a sensation of life in the eyes of glass and a silent
stirring in the constructed and arranged pose.
  Here is the point for me: to present to you the possibility that the spirit of a once free
roaming, living creature, can be seen and heart-felt most clearly in a photographic
representation of its likeness; and that this once proud being, stitched, stuffed, wired, and
so carefully arranged behind glass, can so easily be recorded on the emulsion in my
camera.  In this case, it is the photographic image that holds and illuminates the spirit of
the deceased animal, not its display.  I have always felt there was something trying to
make contact as I peered into those artificial environments, something not to be seen with
the eye...something still alive.
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Artists Statement